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Raze 2

Untitled-2Brace yourself! Action shooting game “Raze 2” is coming!
9 years have passed since the last attack of aliens wishing to clean the planet from human beings. Now comes the time to protect earth once again from alien invasion. The job is done by elite soldiers who have been trained to do nothing else but to protect native homeland. They will do anything to reach the goal, and their desire to win, brings us a great game of action fighting between earth protectors and aliens. But the choice isn`t restricted by human race.

You can choose either to protect earth, or to fight against people and try to destroy them, even though from the beginning you have no other possibility but to fight for humans. Being just an ordinary flash game, it can be said to be a real piece of 2D art, which has elements of an ordinary PC game. Plot is very well thought, and gives amazing experience of gameplay through more than 10 levels of active fighting. Control system, which is something more than pressing of 2 or 3 buttons, makes it complex but yet simple to play. Move your character with arrows in the needed dimensions, or control it just like gamer with “WASD” system, jump with a space and use your abilities with “Ctrl” of “F” buttons. Interesting is yet to come. Choose your weapons with buttons from “1” to “7”, and the choice, by the way, is really not bad for a flash game. Pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns and ultimate alien destroyers are available depending on your favorite gaming style. Weapons can be made even more powerful with the possible upgrades that game provides to us: choose whether to kill enemies quickly, with improved “death power”, or to kill more with increased ammos. In addition you can improve your fighter with better defensive, utility or offensive equipment.
To be brief, “Raze 2” has very good chances to become good and interesting game, which for gamers will become a good time spending game, while for ordinary visitors an addictive time killer. So, just sit comfortably and have fun!

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